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Knick Knack News

Albums of The Year So Far: GravelRoad's 'Psychedelta'

Classic Rock Magazine asked their writers for their top 5 albums of the year so far and here's where GravelRoad landed on the list:


5.  Gary Clark Jr - Don’t Owe You A Thing

4.  GravelRoad – Psychedelta

3.  Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

2.  Howlin Rain – The Russian Wilds

1.  Cory Branan – Mutt

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Albums of The Year So Far part 3

Another nod to GravelRoad from Classic Rock Magazine for their album 'Psychedelta'


5.  Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods – Candy Store Kid (Nugene)

4.  Joanne Shaw Taylor – Almost Always Never (Ruf)

3.  Ray Wylie Hubbard – The Grifter’s Hymnal (Bordello)

2.  GravelRoad – Psychedelta (Knick Knack Records)

1.  Jack White – Blunderbuss (XL/Third Man)

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GravelRoad's Psychedelta reviewed by the Greek Music Blog Granzi Bar

"Psychedelta, the new album by the Seattle-based trio GravelRoad, is a primal, raw, hard driving, yet accessible album that presents the blues in a new light.  It is rough and tumble psychedelic rocking blues.  The album pushes and pulses from one track to the other, yet it never loses a consistent rhythm that can create a trance or a boogie with the grace of a slide, the thunder of the drums, or the scream of a blistering riff.  With tracks like “Devil Eyes,” Keep on Moving,” and “In the Woods,” GravelRoad offers up sounds that are familiar but unique.  They reach further and break new ground on tracks like “Caves” and “Deep Blues Theme,” while using “Nobody Gets Me Down (original by T-Model Ford) and “Furry” (an ode to the late Furry Lewis) to honor those that have come before them and serve as vital influences."

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GravelRoad's Psychedelta reviewed by Australian Music Blog i-94

"If The Black Keys are the acceptable, mainstream face of blues, these guys deserve their time in the sun. Not that they see a lot of it in hometown Seattle, one of the wettest cities on the US West Coast but that's a digression. You're here for the music - and Gravelroad deliver in big, bottom-heavy shovel loads.

If the name's familiar it may be because Gravelroad is the backing band for bluesman T-Model Ford, whose recent album on Alive made an impression around these parts, especially for its forays into psych jams. You'll find the same touches here but if you're into labels this is Deep Blues. Gravelroad have done the touring miles, on their own and with T-Model, and it shows. They fill the soundscape but leave spaces in the right places but more obviously play this shit with a huge degree of self assurance.

Lead track "Devil Eyes" nails it from the outset. Its simple chord progression and languid swing are smothered in muffled bullfrog vocals and a stinging guitar break-out. The sound's imposing for a three piece. Bassist Jon Newman and guitarist Steven Zilloux split vocals (or abandon them on the quirky instro "Furry".)

Delta blues influences to one side, "Caves" is the most overtly trippy song, a meandering and searing gaze into Owsley's laboratory that floats along. "Leave Her Alone" locks into a groove and cuts out just as it threatens to go other places. "Let Me Hold You" is a restrained closer, its vocal way in the background.

Production tricks are non-existent. There's a bit of reverb, a little echo, and that's it. The band mixed it with master producer Jim Diamond of the Motor City.

There's a certain audience "Psychedelta" will appeal to. It's probably not the Black Keys listeners who think they started last week. Gravelroad eschews the melodic trimmings. This is music to be absorbed late at night, not passed off with a cursory listen."

- The Barman

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GravelRoad featured in Classic Rock Magazine

Here's what Classic Rock Magazine had to say about GravelRoad's most recent record 'Psychedelta'

"We played it. In fact, we’ve hardly stopped playing it since, totally sucked in by its seriously-stoned ZZ Top grooves, ramshackle riffs and blissful sunbaked blues (think Cooder’s Paris, Texas played by Otto from The Simpsons). With its hypnotic grooves and languid guitar licks, Psychedelta shimmers like the heat wave we listened to it in."

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