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Consulting and Label Services

Consulting and Label Services

Music Industry Business Consulting and Label Services - Everything you need to know about getting your career in the music industry off to the right start. We will provide you with in-depth and personal consultation on any of the subjects below and we’ll help you design the type of session that will get you the answers you need to navigate the music industry.

Writing a Business Plan
Licenses – LLCs vs Sole Proprietorships
Revenue and sales planning
Marketing strategies
Social Media
Creating effective and low cost music videos
Selecting album singles
Website design and e-Commerce
SEO/SEM strategy
Understanding how Google ranks your website and your links
Google Analytics
Online advertising strategies
Band Bios
Performance rights organizations
The RIAA and The Grammy Foundation
Music publishing
Music Licensing
Album Pre Production
Finding the right studio and engineer for your band
Choosing the right format for releasing your album
CD and vinyl manufacturing – qty discounts and pricing negotiation
Manufacturing timelines and managing the process and delivery of your product
Merchandise and assortment planning
The album release and pre-album release press push
Effective strategies and timelines for a successful album release
Planning your album release show
Press contacts
Radio Promotion
Touring - US and European options - routing and planning strategies
How to effectively integrate festival bookings into your touring strategy to increase the profitability of your tour
The post-album release press strategy
Accounting and royalty calculations, revenue models
Business Analytics
Networking strategies
Contracts, lawyers, music managers and how to protect your assets
Knowing your audience and managing career expectations

If you are local to Seattle we can meet up in person and discuss your current status, career goals and how to get there.
Zoom / Skype / Facetime calls also available for those outside of the greater Seattle area. Rates are $90 per hour.


No obligations or contracts, just the advice that you are looking for from and experienced musician and record label owner.