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Interview with Michael Wohl on American Standard Time

Michael Wohl talks with American Standard Time about his upcoming tour, his musical roots and his influences:

photo and post by Bart Carmeron

Mahogany Martin And A Hyundai: Michael Wohl On The Surprising Low-Rent Blues

"Before it was announced he was playing the Columbia City Blues Festival on August 16, the Seattle Weekly covered it. Still, it’s a surprise that the dude from classic rock revival band Mystery Ship has turned into a country blues phenom."

"Except he also plays an outstandingly voiced acoustic country folk blues like Mississippi John Hurt. And when I caught up with him on a sunny Sunday afternoon, he showed up in his girlfriend’s Hyundai. And he couldn’t stop talking about… the joys of Hyundais."

The Hyundai is driving here:

8/23 Seattle WA - Purlieu Hall
9/03 WEED, CA – Weed Alehouse
9/04 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Vortex Room
9/05 LOS ANGELES, CA – Lot 1 Cafe
9/09 EUREKA, CA – Siren’s Song Tavern
9/10 CORVALLIS, OR – Les Caves Bier
9/11 PORTLAND, OR – Turn Turn Turn
9/13 SEATTLE, WA – Cafe Racer
9/14 VANCOUVER BC - Jackelope's Neighborhood Dive

For the full text interview click here:


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Tiny Mix Tapes Review of Michael Wohl's “Moonfeeder” b/w “Song of Impermanence” 7 inch

Michael Wohl, Moonfeeder b/w Song of Impermanence

"There’s a bit of psychedelia on display as the song progresses from its ancestral roots. As Wohl begins to get lost in the cat’s cradle melody, it begins to free his fingers and expand the sound. It’s subtle but you’ll pick it up after a few listens – and you will listen repeatedly. Wohl may not be a fast riser on your radar but give him a few more releases and you’ll find yourself a fan if you’re on the old Fahey/Kottke trip. Only so much of that old pizzazz left to go ‘round." ~ Justin Spicer, Tiny Mix Tapes

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Knick Knack Records Winter 2014 Sampler Out Now, Free

This winter we've got an updated sampler for you that includes the latest releases from The Foghorns, Michael Wohl, GravelRoad. Mystery Ship and the newest and strangest yet addition to our roster, Yellowline Music.  Typically we are known for releasing heavy blues and rock music, but in staying true to our rebellious nature, we're going to throw some psychedelic, progtronic drug music your way just to keep you on your toes.  
Click here to download:
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Noise In The Zen Arcade review: Michael Wohl Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar

"The pure moods distilled into self-accompanied chord melodies have a transportive quality. There's a fear in me that despite the all-encompassing archival nature of the internet, music like this is at risk of being lost. So I'm glad Wohl is out there, still making it heard."

-Noise in the Zen Arcade

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Drug Punk review: Michael Wohl - Moonfeeder/Song of Impermanence

Michael Wohl, Moonfeeder, Song of Impermanence, Knick Knack RecordsMichael Wohl, Moonfeeder, Song of Impermanence, Knick Knack Records


"As on Wohl's 2012 demo, this is barebones, standalone guitar music. In many ways, the demo was a tribute  to the blues and Americana influences that Wohl proudly wears on his sleeve. These two songs, however, find him starting to work out his own idiom within that tradition. His playing is thoroughly indebted to Fahey, still, but "Moonfeeder" is more measured than Fahey's spry, even effusive, plucking. The guitar is almost melancholic at times, without being heavy-handed. Wohl ends the tune with a flourish of upbeat plucking, though; an overnight train journey and not an all-night bender, perhaps, is the setting.
"Song of Impermanence" sounds like a tighter, more coherent reworking of the loose, improvised "Melatonin Blues," my favorite tune from the 2012 demo. The piece is a bit of lonesome midnight solitude crafted in a jaunty form. Around 4:21 the song soars off into ethereal heights, closing on a note of perfect, spacy elegance."

-Wizago, Drug Punk

click here for the full text

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Back Beat Seattle: Michael Wohl at The Blue Moon (photos)

"Michael Wohl, who is a member of Seattle’s Mystery Ship, played a solo set at the Blue Moon during Back Beat Seattle’s February show. Mystery Ship bandmate Alex Hagenah joined Wohl for one song, but other than that it was all up to Wohl. His performance was excellent bluesmanship."

-Dagmar, Back Beat Seattle

click here for the full article and photos

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