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The Foghorns The Sun's Gotta Shine… - download


Released in 2015, Knick Knack Records (KKR-019) digital download

The Sun’s Gotta Shine…

The first new album in four years from The Foghorns.


Ain't I A Man

Sons and Daughters of The Molly Maguires

400 Dollars


Beautiful Soul

If You Can't Get Lucky Please Get Up

This Murder Won't Hurt You

Alfred The Elephant


Personnel on this album:

Bart Cameron: vocals, guitars, harmonica

Jason Kopec: drums, pots and pans

Ken Nottingham: bass

Lauren Trew: bass clarinet, vocals

Colin Nelson: choir-leader, percussion

Matthew Ploszaj: choir

Casey Ruff: choir

David Rossman: choir on Ain’t I a Man

Peter Colclasure: piano, accordion.

About this music:
Alana at the Conor Byrne, JJ at Blue Moon, and Mamma Casserole at Comet Tavern, along with Levi Fuller at Ball of Wax and Greg Vandy from KEXP’s show The Roadhouse all encouraged us and gave us forums for live performances over the four years that it took to develop this sound. We are extremely grateful for their support. And we are extremely grateful that fans have paid money and devoted the energy to head out into the very late night and catch our shows.

More about this music:
This is our first experience with track recording in the last decade. We prided ourselves on being a live band and on touring long and hard. The amazing Charles Bork has recorded us using mono quarter inch technology, and we love those records. But this CD, (and the second part of it, which will be released later this year), is a digital recording.

Colin J. Nelson recorded everything. Colin and Bart produced the record. Bart got guidance from Jon Rooney of Virgin of the Birds. Through digital recording, we were able to overdub vocals, and Peter Colclasure flew out from his new home in California to contribute his accordion and piano playing.

As for long hard touring, there are towns we owe a lot to: Edinburgh, Reykjavik, London, Copenhagen, Cleveland, New York City, San Diego. Touring in the past was fantastic. But the experience of living our lives in Seattle, experiencing the day to day, being there for each other and for family and friends… this music is a product of that. Of living in one place and putting down roots.