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The Femurs Honeymoon - compact disc



The Femurs are a one-man band from Seattle Washington starring Rob Femur. Femurs music is a mix of Ramones style pop and the personal sound of Jonathan Richman. Femurs started out in 2000 as a recording project that rob did in his studio apt. Now the femurs have just released their 5th cd and play live shows all around the country. On the record rob plays all of the instruments while live he plays drums, guitar and sings in a way that would make Hasel Atkins proud. The music is upbeat, punk, pop, personal, acoustic, electric, new wave, folky, and all for you. Grab a cd, bite in and enjoy.

2010 Shaeffer-Femur Music


Isabel and Ferdinand

Ryan's Song

Jesus and Shoes

Something So High

Boy With 3 Thumbs

Sweet Revenge

All Of The Time

Always Do

Peter Wolf

Walk Away From Here