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Sindri Eldon OK To Disconnect - download



Released in 2017, OK To Disconnect is the second full length studio album from Sindri Eldon.  Recorded and mixed by Ásmundur Jóhannsson, Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson and Sindri Eldon.  Mastered by Ryan Leyva and art by Joe Johnson.

All songs: Eldon, except 8 (Eldon/Friðriksson)

Performed by Ásmundur Jóhannsson (live drums + percussion), Aaron Draper (solo guitar + handclaps), Friðrik Sigurbjörn Friðriksson (bass), Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson (analog synth), Jón Þór Ólafsson (lead guitar) and Sindri Eldon (vocals, guitar, 5-string bass, programming, handclaps)

Knick Knack Records KKR-044


I Know You Want Me
Pressure To Feel
Eitraða Eplið
24 Heartbeats
I Know It's Wrong
You're Gonna Lose
The Tom Petty Show Theme Song
OK To Disconnect
No One Ever
Duly Noted
Feel That High
Hold It On Out
So You Are
You're The Need