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RootJack Oasis Motel - compact disc


Dead Man's Hand

Ain't Nothin' Free

The Rent

Bar Lights

The Strip

Rise Again

Think Too Much

Shallow Grave

Ooh Las Vegas


"Once I thought it would be super fun to move to Las Vegas. i ended up bankrupt and homeless with a baby on the way. We lived and worked at a motel on The Strip that rented rooms by the hour. 

Surrounded by despair, drug-abuse, corruption and greed. These songs are about that time when I lost everything and gained my very soul.

That place. The Oasis Motel - 1731 S Las Vegas Blvd"  ~ Kris Stuart

Released 20 January 2014

Chris Hutton - drums and vocals

Kevin Cowan - bass

Kris Stuart - guitar and vocals

Recorded and mixed by Nick Angelo

All songs by Kris Stuart (except Ooh Las Vegas, by Gram Parsons)