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Moon Darling Dreams - compact disc



Released in 2015, Dreams is the debut EP from Seattle synth-psych, Moon Darling.  (Freakout Records) 

Moon Darling skirts the line between late-60s, Nuggets-influenced nostalgia and polished, Kevin Parker-esque synth pop.

“Road trips are one of the great American pastimes, full of promising adventures and memories to be made. Imagine being a band on tour, living the dream until one day you are stranded on the side of the road with your van on fire. The dream becomes a living nightmare.” The Revue begins in their article on Dreams, the debut EP from Seattle psych pop band Moon Darling.

Dreams is a collection of modern pop songs written by Seattle-native Michael Julian Escobar on a six-month road trip across the United States.



Which Way To Go

Coming Around

Feel Around You