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Minutemen Ballot Result - vinyl LP



double album, 12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP

Released in 1987, Ballot Result is the first live album from Minutemen.

SST Records SST 068

Side 1: 
1."Little Man With A Gun In His Hand" (Dukowski/Boon) – 3:03 
2."Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing" (Watt) – 1:25 
3."I Felt Like A Gringo" (Watt) – 1:39 
4."Jesus And Tequila" (Carducci/Boon) – 2:52 
5."Courage" (Boon) – 2:55 
6."King Of The Hill" (Boon) – 3:00 
7."Bermuda" (Erickson) – 3:07 
All tracks on Side One from a live broadcast on WREK radio, Atlanta, GA, on November 30, 1985 

Side 2: 
1.No One (remix) (Kira/Watt) – 6:30 
Remix by Ethan James, Radio Tokyo Studio, November 1985 
2.Mr. Robot's Holy Orders (Hurley/Watt) – 7:45 
From a live broadcast on WREK radio, Atlanta, GA, on November 30, 1985 
3.The Price Of Paradise (Boon) – 3:31 
Previously issued track from 3-Way Tie (For Last) (1985) 
4.Song For El Salvador (Boon) – 0:31 
Previously issued track from The Punch Line (1981) 

Side 3: 
1.Ack Ack Ack (Talley-Jones/Johansen) – 0:32 
2.History Lesson Part II (Watt) – 2:30 
3.Hey Lawdy Mama (Kay/Byrom/Edmonton) 
4.This Ain't No Picnic (Boon) – 1:46 
5.The Cheerleaders (Boon) – 3:28 
6.Time (Hell) – 2:36 
First six tracks from a Spin Radio taping done at KPFK's studio in Los Angeles, CA in October 1985 
7.Cut (Watt) – 2:01 
8.Split Red (Boon/Watt) – 1:05 
Both tracks from a live broadcast on KPFK, January 2, 1983 
9.Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker! (Crane/Boon/Hurley/Watt) – 1:09 
Previously issued track from Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat (1983) 

Side 4: 
1.Shit You Hear At Parties (Boon/Watt) – 1:06 
From a November 28, 1981 recording session that wasn't released until 1984 as part of the album The Politics Of Time 
2.Hell (Second Take) (Boon/Watt/Hurley) – 7:05 
Recorded February 2, 1984 in the garage of Saccharine Trust's Jack Brewer with a handheld tape recorder. 
3.Tour-Spiel (Watt) – 3:22 
4.Take Our Test (Watt) – 2:03 
From a soundboard cassette of a performance at the Indian Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM on May 25, 1985, during Black Flag's Loose Nut tour. 
5.The Punch Line (Watt) – 0:46 
6.Search (Hurley/Watt) – 0:48 
7.Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs – 1:16 (Watt) 
From an audience cassette of a performance at Love Hall in Philadelphia, PA on December 15, 1983 during a mini-tour of the East Coast with Hüsker Dü 
8.Badges (Watt) – 0:38 
9.Tension (Tamburovich/Watt) – 1:33 
From a cassette recording of a Minutemen band practice in the shed behind George Hurley's house sometime in September 1980 
10.If Reagan Played Disco (Watt) – 1:15 
From an audience cassette of an outdoor gig at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA on May 22, 1982 (Pictures of the gig can be seen on the inside of the Double Nickels On The Dime album jacket (and CD insert).) 
11.No! No! No! To Draft And War/Joe McCarthy's Ghost (Sambia)/(Watt) – 3:00 
From an audience cassette of the encore of a performance in Madison, WI on May 2, 1985.