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Melvins A Walk With Love & Death - vinyl LP



double 12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP

Released in 2017, A Walk with Love & Death is a double album and the 22nd full length studio album from the Melvins.  It includes two distinct albums: Love, a fourteen-song soundtrack to a short film by Jesse Nieminen, also known as A Walk with Love & Death, and Death, made up of nine standard songs. This is the first full-length Melvins album to feature bassist Steven McDonald.

Ipecac Recordings IPC195LP / 689230019510


Side 1:

Aim High

Queen Powder Party

Street Level St. Paul

The Hidden Joice

Give It To Me

Chicken Butt

Eat Yourself Out


Side 2:


Halfway To The Bakersfield Mall

Pacoima Normal

Park Head


Track Star

The Asshole Bastard


Side 3:

Black Health

Sober-Delic (Acid Only)


What's Wrong WIth You?


Side 4:

Edgar The Elephant

Flaming Creature

Christ Hammer

Cactus Party

Cardboa Negro