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Knick Knack Records Summer 2016 Sampler


Free digital download of new releases from Knick Knack Records artists


GravelRoad - "Capitol Hill Country Blues" (from the album Capitol Hill Country Blues)

Crazy Eyes - "Octopuss" (from the cassingle Cotton Candy Club b/w "Octopuss)

Sindri Eldon - "Sick Son of A Bitch" (from the Wheelhouse EP)

Teleferik - "Milkshake" (from the album Lune Electric)

Ray Cashman - "Wastin'" (from the album Desolation)

The Foghorns - "Sons and Daughters of The Molly Maguires" (from the album The Sun's Gotta Shine...)

Low Hums - "Sanoj Sniksah" (from the EP Adventuring In The Near and Far)

Aaron Semer - "Black Hills, SD" (from the album Love Amidst Collapse)

Sweet Jesus - "Bluebird" (from the album Shortwave Oracle)