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Johnny Cash The Gospel Road - vinyl LP



double 12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP

Released in 1973, The Gospel Road is the fourth gospel album and 45th overall studio album from Johnny Cash.

Columbia Records CG 32253 gatefold jacket


Side 1:


Gospel Road (Part 1)
Jesus' Early Years
Gospel Road (Part 2)
John The Baptist
Baptism Of Jesus
Wilderness Temptation
Follow Me, Jesus
Gospel Road (Part 3)
Jesus Announces His Divinity
Jesus' Opposition Is Established
Jesus' First Miracle
He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 1)
State Of The Nation
I See Men As Trees Walking
Jesus Was A Carpenter
Choosing Of Twelve Disciples


Side 2:

Jesus' Teachings
Parable Of The Good Shepherd
The Two Greatest Commandments
Greater Love Hath No Man
John The Baptist's Imprisonment And Death
Jesus Cleanses Temple
Jesus Upbraids Scribes And Pharisees
Jesus In The Temple
Come Unto Me
The Adulterous Woman
Help (Part1)
Jesus And Nicodemus
Help (Part 2)
Sermon On The Mount
Blessed Are
The Lord's Prayer, Amen Chorus
Introducing Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene Speaks
Follow Me
Magdalene Speaks Again


Side 3:

Crossing The Sea Of Galilee
He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 2)
He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 3)
Feeding The Multitude
He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 4)
More Jesus Teaching
The Living Water And The Bread Of Life
Gospel Road (Part 4)
Jesus And Children
Four Months To Live
Help (Part 3)
Help (Part 4)
Raising Of Lazarus
Jesus' Second Coming
Jesus' Entry Into Jerusalem
Burden Of Freedom
Jesus Wept
Burden Of Freedom (Chorus)
Jesus Cleanses Temple Again


Side 4:

Feast Of The Passover
Lord, Is It I?
The Last Supper
John 14: 1-3
And Now He's Alone
Agony In Gethsemane
Jesus Before Caiaphas, Pilate And Herod
Burden Of Freedom
Jesus' Last Words
Jesus' Death
Earthquake And Darkness
He Is Risen
Mary Magdalene Returns To Galilee
Jesus Appears To Disciples
The Great Commission
Ascension, Amen Chorus
Jesus Was A Carpenter (Part 2)


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