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Guided by Voices Under The Bushes Under The Stars - vinyl LP



12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP

Released in 1996, Under The Bushes Under The Stars is the ninth studio album from Guided by Voices.

Matador Records OLE1611 / 744861016113


Side 1:

Man Called Aerodynamics

Rhine Jive Click

Cut-Out Witch

Burning Flag Birthday Suit

The Official Ironmen Rally Song

To Remake The Young Flyer

No Sky

Bright Paper Werewolves

Lord of Overstock


Side 2:

Your Name Is Wild

Ghosts of A Different Dream

Acorns & Orioles

Look At Them

The Perfect Life

Underwater Explosions

Atom Eyes

Don't Stop Now

Office Of Hearts


Bonus EP Side 1:

Big Boring Wedding

It's Like Soul Man

Drag Days


Bonus EP Side 2:


Redmen and Their Wives

Take To The Sky