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GravelRoad Weavin'/Flesh and Bone - download


Released in 2015, Weavin' and Flesh & Bone is a seven inch vinyl that consists of 2 tracks that were recorded in 2014 during the El Scuerpo sessions. The songs on this record are not only stripped to the bone, but also among the weirdest recordings by GravelRoad to date. Dealing with themes of public indecency, intoxication, tracheotomies, and cannibalism, they are truly covering some new lyrical territory here while staying true to their hill country and heavy blues-rock roots. The extra crunchy guitars and saucy vocals backed by a rhythm section dripping with salty, smoky and brawny juices will make you hungry for more.

The Obelsisk had this to say about the upbeat “Flesh and Bone” – “among the happiest songs I’ve ever heard about cannibalism”.

Knick Knack Records KKR-020


Side A:


Side B:

Flesh and Bone