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Crazy Eyes Ring Ring Jingalong and Dark Heart Signalong - download


digital download - Knack Knack Records (KKR-017)


Close To Death

WWIII Songs in Hiii-Fiii

Emily Hook's Veil

Call of The Weirdos

Branch Rickey



Go To Sleep

Stormy Mourning


Any way you cut it, Crazy Eyes is something different. Started by primary song-writer/piano player G. Kellen Grace and guitarist Matt Leon in late 2012 in Seattle, Crazy Eyes has spent most of its 2-year existence on the road.

Part of what makes Crazy Eyes unique is the 350-pound Yamaha CP-70 that is a focal point of their live show, and comes with them on tours and to the small DIY venues the band tends to frequent. The piano is an intrinsic part of the group's sound and aesthetic, even being featured on the album's cover art.

Recorded in early 2014 in Seattle at Ground Control Recordings (as well as Kellen's basement), the album's title represents both the jazz and dance roots of the band, as well as representing the album's lyrical themes.

"I try to explore what it is to be a human being in an unstable and strange world," Kellen explains. "Heartache and the struggle against a drought soul are themes common to me, and probably presented with more than a little chip on my shoulder."