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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Live n Rare - compact disc

$19.99 $14.97


Morpheus Records

includes cardboard slipcase and 6 black & white postcards (10.5x15cm)


disc 1

Abba Zabba

Ashtray Heart

Bass Solo

Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones

Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Old Black Snake

Crazy Little Thing

Dirty Blue Gene


Flavor Bud Living

Gimme Dat Harp Boy

Golden Birdies

Grow Fins


Disc 2

Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles

Hot Head

My Human Gets Me Blues

Nowadays A Woman's Got To Hit A Man

One Man Sentence

One Red Rose That I Mean

Orange Claw Hammer

Safe As Milk

Sheriff Of Hong Kong

Suction Print

Sugar 'N' Spikes

Abba Zabba

Click Clack