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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 34 compact disc


Released November 30, 2013

theme: in 3/4 time


Lys Guillorn - Hard Corners

Darryl Blood - Fill in the Blanks

Sun Tunnels - Notice Me

Levi Fuller & the Library - Say It Again

Emiko Blalock - Fairuza

GreenhornBluehorn - Great River

Sam Russell with the Harborrats - The Lexington Waltz

amattacat - Army of Cats

Caroline Keys - Les Grillons (Labor with Enthusiasm)

St. Kilda - Bastille Day

whole halves - Snowflakes 

Unai Azkune - Bálsamo de Tigre

Colin J Nelson - Dedication

Yucca Mountain - Garden

Virgin of the Birds - Formalist Girls

Day Laborers & Petty Intellectuals - Irene, Goodnight