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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 25 compact disc


Songs about Books - packaged in two-color hand-silkscreened sleeve with full lyric insert. 

5 artists were each assigned a different book to read by Paul Constant, books editor at the Stranger in Seattle. We went on to write 5 and record 3 songs inspired by these books. The full 15-song CD (Volume 25 of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly) was released at a concert on August 19th at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center. 

Funded by a 2011 CityArtist grant from the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.

released 22 August 2011 


Led to Sea - Landed 04:58

Led to Sea - Say What You Will 05:27

Led to Sea - Everything Is Fading 05:47

Levi Fuller - Free Men 03:55

Levi Fuller - The Feet of an Oracle 03:40

Levi Fuller - The Blue 06:05

Bright Archer - Shelter 03:32

Bright Archer - Start It on Fire 03:19

Bright Archer - Take It Back 02:42

Joshua Morrison - Seven Years 03:31

Joshua Morrison - The Deadest Languages 03:08

Joshua Morrison - Red Devlin 05:22