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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 22 compact disc


Released Autumn, 2010



Track 1:  Fallen Leaves (Stenobot)

Track 2:  Here Tonight (City Light)

Track 3:  Girl B (Blouse)

Track 4:  Knights Through The Corridor (Particle Gods)

Track 5:  B.H.J. (The Scrams)

Track 6:  Oh Oh Oh (Shiv Hurrah)

Track 7:  To Be Certain (Prairie Empire)

Track 8:  Out With The Embers (Ghosts I've Met)

Track 9:  Trip Song (The Graze)

Track 10: Horse of Gold (Richard Wilson)

Track 11: Silent Vows (Moore & Sons)

Track 12: They Like You (Levi Fuller)

Track 13: Sisters at the Sound of Dawn (Virgin of the Birds)

Track 14: Atheists Don't Believe in God

Track 15: View From A Tree (Arthur C. Lee with Whit Walker)