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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 20 compact disc


Released spring, 2010


Track 1:  Turning Into A Ghost (Jon Garcia)

Track 2:  2005 (Cleemann)

Track 3:  No One Gave You (Levi Fuller)

Track 4:  You Know This Song (City Light)

Track 5:  Powderhorn Park (Slow Skate)

Track 6:  Forget The Dark (Wesafari)

Track 7:  Vacant Seats (Brad Dunn)

Track 8:  My Time as a Mountaineer (A.W. Feldt)

Track 9:  Normandie (Colin J. Nelson)

Track 10: Live Oak (Virgin of the Birds)

Track 11: The Swan Initiative (Kelli's Starlight Wishes)

Track 12: Happy Trumpet Day (Behind These Scars)