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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 15 compact disc


Released spring, 2009


Track 1:  Lone Rock (Robb Benson)

Track 2:  Lonely (Kelli Frances Corrado)

Track 3:  The Mall of America (Levi Fuller)

Track 4:  The Devil (Caleb Thompson)

Track 5:  America (Troubleshooting)

Track 6:  Wrecking Ball (Pufferfish)

Track 7:  Face Yet Unchanged (Slow Skate)

Track 8:  Lonelier Than The Sun (Eli Rosenblatt)

Track 9:  Rose (The Foghorns)

Track 10: Tears

Track 11: Everyone Was Gone (Nasstasia Yard)

Track 12: Hearing Voices and Seeing Ghosts (Robert Deeble)

Track 13: Grand (Letters)

Track 14: Anchors (Can The Boy Tell Time?)

Track 15: LYLB (Hail Citizen)

Track 16: Bonebox (Spekulation)