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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 14 compact disc


Released autumn, 2008


Track 1:  Eye of the Storm (LaChroma)

Track 2:  Take Me Over Tonight (Dixon Bendejo Trash)

Track 3:  On the Next Full Moon (Geist & Samuel Joseph)

Track 4:  Pigeonsandpencils (The Music of Grayface)

Track 5:  Art Aries (Brad Dunn)

Track 6:  No Vex (Deelay Ceelay)

Track 7:  We've Got The Beat (Heatwarmer)

Track 8:  Daughter of Daylight (The Invisible Hours)

Track 9:  Fairest

Track 10: From Peking (Virgin of the Birds)

Track 11: Like a Ghost (Night Canompy)

Track 12: Ghost in the Dark (Sifaka)

Track 13: Ulysses (Chris Wise)

Track 14: Songs Like Dylan (David Bavas)

Track 15: Woodland Park Sweaters (Levi Fuller)

Track 16: Stranger Autumn (The Brokenmusicbox)

Track 17: Jerks (The Transmissionary Six)