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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 13 compact disc


Released summer, 2008


Track 1:  The Testicle Song (The Theatre Fire)

Track 2:  Walkin' Talkin' Mean (Darryl Blood)

Track 3:  Bloodsucka (Bitches With Sticks)

Track 4:  willyoulovemewheni'mdead (Before The Mast)

Track 5:  Big Desires (Smile Brigade)

Track 6:  Demerol Lane (Bret Phillips)

Track 7:  Will We Ever Know? (Levi Fuller)

Track 8:  Helicopter (St. Rainbow)

Track 9:  She's In The Moon Again (Virgin of the Birds)

Track 10: Party In The Corn Silo (I Am The Internet)

Track 11: OK

Track 12: Quit Yer Job (Southside)

Track 13: Shit On My Heart (Meyercord)

Track 14: Exxxplicit Content (Metaforce)

Track 15: In Real Life (Jon Garcia & The Best Laid Plans)