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Licensing Information

If you would like to obtain a license for using any of our artists music for your film, television, or media project please contact

Many of our artists have mastered versions of their music without vocals if required, so please ask.  All music is available on a sliding scale, so we welcome inquires from independent film makers and media producers.  All music and copyrights are owned and maintained by the bands.

Bottom of the World – 2017 television series on syfy “Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6”

The Run – 2017 television series on syfy “Killjoys Season 3 Episode 1”


The Run – 2017 television series Arrow CW show “Arrow” — episode 512


The Run – 2017 Netflix series “Bloodline” Episode 302


Flesh & Bones – 2016 on Esquire Network “Best Bars” episode 208

Wolf On Down The Way – 2016 on Esquire Network “Best Bars” episode 208

Bring Me Back – 2014 Showtime series “The Affair” episode 104

Bad Dog –  2014 film “Wolves”  Directed by David Hayter, featuring  Lucas Till and Jason Momoa

Devil Eyes – 2013 film “Sexy Evil Genius” featuring Katee Sackhoff, Michelle Trachtenberg,  Anthony Michael Hall, William Baldwin, Seth Green

Rabbit Run – 2012 film “Baytown Outlaws” – featuring Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria



Feel Like Goin’ Home & Bad Dog (remix) featured in “Rising From The Ruins” – documentary, official selection – Seattle International Film Festival 2009 []


Lonely Nights & Trainwreck featured in A Musing (Seattle Independent Film) released 2011


The Foghorns - Bo Diddley as imagined by Slim Whitman, zydeco as interpreted by the Kinks; anti-folkers The Foghorns have been key figures of the Seattle roots music scene since they left their homes in Reykjavik, Brooklyn and Wisconsin, regularly topping album of the year charts for very different reasons.

This Christmas All I want is a Job

Ain't I a Man

Please Don't Leave


More Than Jesus

Wedding Bells


Northern Lights


Mystery Ship - Shredding guitars, huge riffs, bass & drums of tectonic thunder. Cryptic & impassioned songs of shipwrecks, time travel, sleazy docks & mysterious women. The smell of roaches in the pockets of old denim jackets and hot tube amps.

recommended for:  action movies, sports television, action sports videos

Better Off


Man About Town

Lady From Alexandria


Wide Eyed Girl


Half Light - psychedelic Shoegaze with a heavy doses of ambiance and texture


The Deep End

Emerald City

Arizona Pines

Unhappy Ending

It's Not OK

Feel Better Fast


Lost DogmaEqually influenced by classic American artists like Tom Petty, Gram Parsons as well as blues, modern folk and Bakersfield country, Lost Dogma typifies the bubbling undercurrent of Americana at its best. Their songs are unpretentious and heartfelt; sweeping, lush and haunting all in the same breath and all with an insistent beat and focused energy that let you know this is still a rock and roll band.

This Side of You

Speed Dial

Sunny Divide - featured in the video game PBR Raging Bulls

Dog Day Afternoon

Never Fight The Devil


Yellow Brick Road

Long Road

Hard Times


Ok 2B Yerself - featured in Entertain The Moon

Serendipity - featured in Entertain The Moon

Drive All Night - featured in Entertain The Moon



Proud Wonderful Me - garage pop, or as Crazy Horse meets surf rock. The important thing is that their music has hooks, it rocks, and it’s not dumb.  It's meaty aggressive and smart.

recommended for:  comedies, romantic movies, indie-films


Sticky Situation

Even The Score

Baby, It's Your Will


Pull Out A Rabbit


Yellowline Music - electronic music, heavy ambient textures

recommended for:  drama, science fiction, detective/crime stories

The Low Beyond

Spooky Action At A Distance



Puppet Wrangler

Enoch Root





Michael Wohl

recommended for:  solo acoustic


Song of Impermanence