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Proud Wonderful Me 808 - vinyl EP

$9.99 $5.97

12 inch 45 rpm vinyl EP

includes download code

released by Knick Knack Records, 2013

The track listing for the EP is as follows:
We describe them as garage pop. Or as Crazy Horse meets surf rock. The important thing is that their music has hooks, it rocks, and it’s not dumb.

Proud Wonderful Me have a bizarre backstory-- and as they tell it to Knick Knack, it doesn’t entirely sound feasible. Showing us various posters and interviews with only their drummer, Kevin Fullerton, they claim they are entirely the creation of a drummer with a passion and a plan going back to, he
claims, 1988. On stage and at practice, they refer to themselves only as Kevin’s guitarist, the other guy, the other other guy, that guy, and Kevin Fullerton.

Knick Knack knows better. We got hold of their demo from Bart Cameron, who plays guitar for PWM and is the frontman of The Foghorns. PWM is nothing like The Foghorns.  We signed them based on their hook-laden, slap-back guitar fighting with circa late 70s Neil Young style vocals. From their eight song live performance demo , which was trimmed, remixed and mastered this release, we heard something missing in Seattle-- ROCK.

The six songs on 808, named after the house number where the band built their sound based on repeated house parties, are catchy, meaty, aggressive, and smart. They were recorded by Colin Nelson in Fremont, Seattle. 


About the band 

Proud Wonderful Me are a five-piece band. Main vocalist, songwriter is Matt Taylor. Lead guitar and backing vocals, Bart Cameron. Keyboards, piano, backing vocals, Matt Ploszaj. Bassist, backing vocals, David Rossman. Drums, mascot, Kevin Fullerton.