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Björk Bastards - vinyl LP



2x12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP

Released in 2012, Bastards is the third remix album from Björk.

One Little Indian TPLP1178 / 020286212652


Side 1:

Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)

Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches And Guacamol Remix)

Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)

Sacrifice (Matthew Herbert's Pins And Needles Mix Edit)


Side 2:

Mutual Core (These New Puritans Remix Featuring Solomon Island Song)

Hollow (16-Bit Remix)

Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert's Teutonic Plates Mix)


Side 3:

Thunderbolt (Death Grips Remix)

Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel)

Thunderbolt (Omar Souleyman Remix)


Side 4:

Solstice (Current Value Remix)

Moon (The Slips Remix)

Crystalline (Matthew Herbert Remix)