GravelRoad Capitol Hill Country Blues - download

GravelRoad Capitol Hill Country Blues - download

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Knick Knack Records 2016 (KKR-026)

Capitol Hill Country Blues is the sixth studio album from GravelRoad. The album was recorded and mixed by legendary engineer Jack Endino in late 2015 & early 2016. Album art by Jason Neuerburg.

GravelRoad’s mix of driving rhythms and heavy guitar sounds range from minute-long fits of angst to slow and methodical psychedelic tracks. “Rabbit Run” and “Rather Be Lonely” give followers a sense of the familiar from the veteran band. Conversely the band pushes boundaries on Capitol Hill Country Blues songs such as the Krautrock-inspired instrumental “Green Lungs” and the album’s finale “I Feel High”, a stunningly beautiful solo acoustic track.


Capitol Hill Country Blues

Come and Gone

Back Yard

Rather Be Lonely

One More Dollar

Rabbit Run

Song To Darkness

Green Lungs

I Feel High