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The Foghorns New Low - download


Beefy Beefy Records, 2007


Studio Tracks 
Worst Song 
Coming Home 
Hat Blues 
Golden Ghosts 
In America 
Uncle Ethan 
Crying Man 
I Will Only Love You 
Gamli Gardur 

Live Tracks 
Golden Ghosts 
When You're Dead 
Uncle Ethan 
Atlantic City 
Wedding Porn 
So Sober 
Coming Home 
Wake Up 


NEW LOW NOTES: Reason for the lyrics: In 2003, I left Brooklyn to live on a Fulbright grant in Iceland and finish my novel. The novel was so bad that I lost my agent. All these songs, plus a whole other album of songs, SO SOBER, were written there, as I either tried to remember life in Wisconsin and Brooklyn, or dealt with life in Iceland. Yea, some of them are depressing, but singing them was not. Especially as this was recorded partly in Wisconsin, partly in Brooklyn, and partly in Iceland, and always with close friends. 


Lyrics (all by Bart Cameron, except Hat Blues by Steven Firchow) 

Studio tracks recorded by Steven Firchow, except the songs Coming Home and I Will Only Love You When You're Dead recorded by Josh and Anna Loar, and Gamli Gardur, recorded by Bart Cameron. Mixed by Thorbjorn G. Kolbrunarsson and Doddi. 

Live performed by Bart, Gundy,Kopur and Valdi, at Kaffi Amsterdam and Smekkleysa in Reykjavik on May 7, 2006. Recorded by Thorbjorn G. Kobrunarsson and Doddi. 

Live songs by Bart or Bart and Steve, except Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen, used with permission. (Thank you to Mona Okada and Bruce Springsteen Publishing!) 

Gunnar Thorvaldsson (Gunni) helped with stencil on cover and other things, though he insists had he been allowed to do it himself it would have been better. 

Thanks to Reykjavik!, Unsound/KGB/Bob Justman, Benni Hemm, Death Metal Supersquad, Thorir, Benni Karate, Dyrdin, and Touch for support