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Michael Wohl Moonfeeder/Song of Impermanence - download

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digital download  Released by Knick Knack Records - April 2014


Side A: Moonfeeder (Wohl)

A sad nocturne played in a D minor open tuning. D minor is the saddest of keys. Inspired by conversations with the moon and the many friends of mine who feed by his light.


Side B: Song Of Impermanence (Wohl/traditional)

Played in open D. An improvised collage of several themes, traditional and originally composed. Charley Patton's "Some of These Days" inspired part of the melody as did some Doc Watson and Blind Lemon Jefferson.


Additional artistic consultation courtesy of an old Ethiopian church, Jim Beam, Blanco Suave. Recorded and produced by Gordon Raphael with M. Wohl Mastered by Chris Hanzsek vinyl plate cutting by Jeff Powell at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN


Guitarist Michael Wohl follows up his self produced & released debut "Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar" with a 7" record featuring two more selections of moody & introspective picking. "Moonfeeder", a minor key guitar nocturne straddles the anxiety and the peaceful solitude of the witching hours. The flip side, "Song of Impermanence" shows a side of Wohl that is uniquely interpretive, seamlessly joining themes and melodies from traditional music with his own. Agile & powerful finger picking and the bell-like resonance of open tunings give the listener a deep sense of space, time, and movement. Recorded in an old church with production from Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor), the songs take on an ethereal, mystical quality as they float downstream.