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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 21 compact disc


Released summer, 2010


Track 1:  Diablo Roja (Rosyvelt)

Track 2:  Stairwell in a Happy Home (Connor Desai)

Track 3:  When I Am Sober (Kensoniq)

Track 4:  Tabernacle (Box Kites)

Track 5:  Crow's Nest (Plan B)

Track 6:  No Vows (These Creatures)

Track 7:  Mache Melee (The Stares)

Track 8:  Softly Touching Down (Sunday Evening Whiskey Club)

Track 9:  If You Want Me (Shannon Stephens)

Track 10: Cowboy Store (Vanish Valley)

Track 11: How Skin Sticks To Bone (Jeremy Burk)

Track 12: Row on a Dare (Levi Fuller)

Track 13: Last To Leave (Pufferfish)

Track 14: Ducktape Bonzai (Brian Baillie)

Track 15: Quantum 29 (Jack Waste)

Track 16: The Fish (The Bore Tide)

Track 17: Two Stars (The Soft Hills)

Track 18: Empire Strikes (Church Animals)

Track 19: Little Ice Age (Slow Skate)

Track 20: Hansel and Gretel (Webelos)

Track 21: Christmas Is Over The World Is Gone (Wyoming Young and Strong)