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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 18 compact disc


Released autumn, 2009


Track 1:  Mako Moon (Wesafari)

Track 2:  Nettles (The Pica Beats)

Track 3:  Living With Victoria (Poland)

Track 4:  44 Women (John Totten)

Track 5:  Everybody Kind (Ken Cormier)

Track 6:  Use Your Hands (Shenandoah Davis)

Track 7:  Bump In The Night (Oldman Winter)

Track 8:  Sing Seven Up (The Way It Is)

Track 9:  How Much (Steven Kattenbraker)

Track 10: Orange Curtain (Slow Skate)

Track 11: Black Funnel Cloud Tail (Webelos)

Track 12: Version Volcano (Dandelion Gold)

Track 13: Born To Die (City Light)

Track 14: S.I.L. (m. Lord)

Track 15: Your Body Is Not Your Friend (L.A.P.D.ants)

Track 16: Snuggle Bear (Ben + Joey)

Track 17: Bundle of Dynamite (What What Now)

Track 18: Time is When it Tells Time (My Printer Broke)

Track 19: Kill All Your Friends (Salo + Will)

Track 20: Throwing Stars (False Walls)

Track 21: Intermission (Ravenna Woods)

Track 22: Misfortune Cookie (Emory Liu)

Track 23: In Praise of Marrying Widows (Virgin of the Birds)

Track 24: We Won't Give Up So Easily (Mostly Dimes)

Track 25: If You Deny Me (Hot or Huguenot?)

Track 26: So Great (Levi Fuller)

Track 27: Do/Buy (Seth Howard)

Track 28: Long Face (Another Bedroom Baby)

Track 29: Skeletons (Thundercats)

Track 30: Deny The Dinosaur

Track 31: Clara (Open Choir Fire)

Track 32: The Morning of the Earthquake (Ainara LeGardon)

Track 33: Headin' to the Mountains (Bucks T-4)

Track 34: Eve (The Glass Notes)

Track 35: Madrid (The Bawds of Euphony)

Track 36: Valentine (Prkr)

Track 37: Prize Prize (Glowcrow)

Track 38: Take Me Home (Starfarsafari)

Track 39: Prophelaxing (Splinters)

Track 40: An Abandoned Chess Game (Brian Baillie)

Track 41: Sunset Comes (Mark Schlipper)

Track 42: Monah Sea (Chocolate Shoes)

Track 43: Solidaire/Solitaire (Alicia Amiri)

Track 44: Ex Girlfriend's Car (Unbunny)

Track 45: Holding (Tonjia Atomic)