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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 16 compact disc


Released winter, 2009


Track 1:  At The Drive In (Blue)

Track 2:  Clapping Song (Jeremy Burk)

Track 3:  Pray For Rain (Pete Bernhard)

Track 4:  Our Old Way (Territory and Hombre)

Track 5:  Down in the Bunny (The Way It Is)

Track 6:  Cell Phone (Unbunny)

Track 7:  Ortloan (Secret Highways)

Track 8:  When I Wake (Aria Orion)

Track 9:  Wolves (Sokai Stilhed)

Track 10: Burn You (Marc Manning)

Track 11: Pimm (Blouse)

Track 12: Karats (Oars)

Track 13: Closed System (Skeletons with Flesh on Them)

Track 14: Proof (Shenandoah Davis)

Track 15: Try to See (Levi Fuller)

Track 16: Blondes to Blue-Haired Ladies (Darren Loucas)

Track 17: There Was a Time When I Believed in Love (Jonathan Wooster)

Track 18: Knowfly (THEMAYS)