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New album from GravelRoad - Capitol Hill Country Blues

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New album from GravelRoad - Capitol Hill Country Blues

GravelRoad is preparing to release their 6th full-length studio album in the Fall 2016.  Capitol Hill Country Blues (Knick Knack Records) will be available on LP, CD, and cassette ... yes, cassette.  

The band continues to bring its high energy shows to venues throughout the US in 2016 and this fall will see a European tour in support of the record release.  GravelRoad’s mix of driving rhythms and heavy guitar sounds range from minute-long fits of angst to slow and methodical psychedelic tracks. "Rabbit Run," "Rather Be Lonely” & the album’s title track give followers a sense of the familiar from the veteran band. Conversely, the band pushes boundaries on Capitol Hill Country Blues' songs such as the Krautrock-inspired instrumental “Green Lungs” and the album's finale “I Feel High”, a stunningly beautiful solo acoustic track.  The album was recorded and mixed by legendary engineer Jack Endino in late 2015 & early 2016 and mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI.  The album photography was done by Jason Neuerburg.


Here is the title track from the new album: