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Full Moon Magazine (Czech Republic) reviews Bitter & Resentful

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Full Moon Magazine (Czech Republic) reviews Bitter & Resentful

translation from writer Jiří Vladimír Matýsek:

"Even the well-known proverb tells it differently; sometimes apples fall quite far away from the tree. A great example would be Sindri Eldon, son of Iceland most important exported music commodity. Recent Eldon's record, Bitter & Resentful in no way reminds his mum's avant-garde experiments. On the contrary, he goes to the bone of straightforward American alternative rock music from the latter half of the nineties, remember Lemmonheads for example. Eldon's record is positive collection of songs, which are based on simple instrumentation and an arcade of melodies (e.g. opening of the first song "a capella").
Even though the record has a sunny atmosphere, there is no fear of punching into the actual problems. An opening song America, An Ode is in no way an ode - same as old Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. The record connects the view of a person from outside (Sindri Eldon was born on Iceland), a foreigner, which comes with a critical blade and goes into funny contrast with the sunny Californian atmosphere. This singer-songwriting layer moves the record from tentative mood to criticism, from sun to the darker tones.
The record doesn't stop (with the exception of an ambient piano part in the song Doer and sad Things Coming to a Head) and has a punk energy that is dragged forward by hard-hitting drums and a dirty guitar sound and is highlighted by crystal clean production. It’s not boring and is variable to keep listeners concentration. But, a little shortening would be quite OK (e.g. song 18 or too-much-pop Irma (The Game), one hour of playing time is a little bit over the line. Despite those little things there is one thing – the straightforward rock'n'roll with a critical blade. This is the most suitable description of Bitter & Resentful from Sindri Eldon."


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