Free Music - Knick Knack Records Fall 2016 Digital Sampler


We've got some great new music from our recent releases that we would like to share with you in our free digital music sampler.  You can download or stream it but we hope you'll go to the artist pages and buy the albums once you discover how good this is.

click here to download


Sindri Eldon "I Am A Landslide" (from the album The Damage Is Already Done, Anthology '04 - '08)

Crazy Eyes "Close To Death" (from the album Ring Ring Jingalong and Dark Heart Singalong)

GravelRoad "Rabbit Run" (from the album Capitol Hill Country Blues)

Ray Cashman "Where The Blues Was Born" (from the album Slow Drag)

Teleferik "Bombs and Rockets" (from the album Lune Electric)

Aaron Semer "End of The World Dance" (from the album Love Amidst Collapse)

Sweet Jesus "Aftermath" (from the album Shortwave Oracle)

The Foghorns "Sons and Daughters of The Molly Maguires" (from the album The Sun's Gotta Shine...)