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KEXP Song of the Day: GravelRoad - Green Grass

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"While country blues may not be the first genre that comes to mind when thinking of Seattle, local group GravelRoad takes on the Hill blues genre and adds their own Northwest rock ‘n’ roll spin. These guys aren’t just “worn down white dudes” trying to play the blues, they’re the authentic deal -- they earned their stripes backing the late Delta blues musician T-Model Ford. With their latest release, El Scuerpo, out this year, the band took their sound overseas for a European tour, returning stateside to play blues festivals like Deep Blues Northwest.

GravelRoad describes their sound on El Scuerpo as “if Black Sabbath had grown up in Holly Springs, Mississippi”, and today’s featured song, “Green Grass”, certainly proves the group’s ability to blend genre. Featuring heavy, molten guitar riffs, clobbering beats, and dark, rich vocals, the song evokes psychedelic, hill country blues, punk, and rock ‘n’ roll influences in such a way that you may begin to fantasize about riding a motorcycle and even contemplate incorporating more leather into your wardrobe."