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GravelRoad at Deep Blues Festival NW III

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This year's Deep Blues Festival at Linday's Landing in Orting Washington once again tops expectations and delivers some of the best blues and roots music that you'll see on the west coast in a festival of this size.  It's community vibe and the fact that it's a free festival with free food is something that isn't sustainable, but for the time being is something that everyone in attendance can agree is a cut above just about any festival ever.  

The festival's organizers, Nick Lindsay, Chris Green and Jon-Thomas Butler are avid blues and roots music fans that have poured their hearts, souls and money into sharing the music that brings so much joy to them.  You'll see these guys at so many shows throughout the year supporting the scene and the bands that they most certainly earn the title of "super-fans".  But beyond being fans of the music they are helping to incubate and cultivate this wonderful music scene that is growing exponentially every year.

This year the festival presented GravelRoad with an incredible honor by naming the main stage after the band.  The "GravelRoad" stage was commemorated with a beautiful wood plaque that was artistically crafted by none other than Jon-Thomas Butler.

There were many great performances throughout the weekend from veteran acts and some new discoveries as well.  CW Ayon and Jaw Knee Vee gave some great solo performances, Rootjack kept the energy going in the hottest part of the afternoon, and The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit made a return appearance that everyone at the festival was talking about.  

Below are a few photos from the event, we'll post more as they become available.