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Merry Christmas from The Foghorns—Here’s a video and free music

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Here’s our Christmas video. The song is from our Big F EP, which we released this year through Knick Knack Records.

Thanks to Jason Neuerburg for making the video, and for Colin Nelson, for opening up Her Car studio to allow us to record live. We’ve had a great year thanks entirely to your support, and to people like Levi Fuller, of Ball of Wax, and Greg Vandy, of and American Standard Time, Ed Weinman of The Huffington Post, and Joe and Sarah of the label Knick Knack Records. A bunch of people who didn’t need to care and to help, have helped a lot. Knick Knack have put together a free sampler. Here’s the information. It includes two free songs from us.

Next year, we will release our eighth studio album, If You Can’t Get Lucky, Please Get Up, with help from Knick Knack Records. But we’ll have more info on that soon.

Thanks again. The Foghorns