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Welcome to the world of book publishing Knick Knack Records.

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The Seattle indie label has published its first novel, The Ring Road, a Scando-crime thriller by Edward Weinman.

The Ring Road is set in Iceland after a glacial volcano awakens with a series of eruptions, ensnaring ex-cop Hobson in a bizarre murder investigation involving a road-weary homicide detective, a brutal pimp and a homicidal sheep farmer.

Weinman co-wrote the feature film A Little Trip to Heaven, starring Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker, two-time Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner and Julia Stiles.  A Little Trip to Heaven screened at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. 

The itinerant author described his novel as: “A volcanic eruption. An American tourist trapped in Iceland’s unforgiving landscape. A killer on the loose. Just a normal weekend at 66 Degrees North.”

“I can’t think of a better publisher than Knick Knack Records. The label puts out music with an edge. It has indie cred. The Ring Road’s blend of dark fantasy and irreverent tone not only mirrors Knick Knack’s musicians, but also Seattle’s gray, wet winters.

Knick Knack Records is known for publishing some of Seattle’s top indie bands, artists like The Foghorns, GravelRoad, Mystery Ship, Half Light, Proud Wonderful Me and Lonesome Shack.

The Ring Road is the first novel in the 66 Degrees North series.

Weinman’s second novel, Snowblind, about a drug-deal gone sour set in the days before Iceland’s financial collapse, is forthcoming in early 2014.