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Seattle Band Half Light: Too Old for Trapezes

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Halg Light, Knick Knack Records, Nada Mucho

The music blog Nada Mucho recently caught up with with Knick Knack Records artists, Half Light prior to their appearance at Durge Fest (at Barboza).

Below is an excerpt from the interview conducted by Matt Ashworth: What is Half Light and why should anyone care?
Dayna Loeffler: Half Light is a Seattle based psychedelic pop band that writes textural, dreamy sound-scaped type songs. We’re too old to keep up with the “Flavor of the Month” and therefore will never be eligible for soundtrack placement on any The OC type series or any Fast and Furious franchise “films,” but we’ve been playing together for a good chunk so we understand how to interact with one another, how to ebb and flow.

NM: What can people expect from your show tonight at Barboza?
DL: We’re too old for any trapeze acts, even if we have some great ideas on paper. So, probably just a lush 45 minutes of guitar-driven, textural, vibey rock songs. Barb can’t be there to play cello but our friend Amanda will sit in on violin for three songs. It’s sounding real nice.

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