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No Depression Review of GravelRoad: 'The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin'

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The new album from GravelRoad, 'The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin' Here's what reviewer James Carlson has to say about their fourth studio album:

"GravelRoad’s “The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin” is one of those rare albums from whose wholly exceptional songs it proves more than a little difficult to chose favorites. Still, if pressed to do so, I would most certainly chose slide guitar and handclaps and cleverly uneven vocal delivery of Maybe the Wind, the brief yet wild all-out rocker Med Pass!, the fevered Hill Country blues of Death Bed Blues, and the classic rock and country blues fusion of Bring Me Back.

“The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin” by GravelRoad – a superb album by an outstanding band. Definitely worth one’s while."

-James Calson, No Depression


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