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The Foghorns new album 'The Big F' reviewed at The Ball of Wax Blog

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"“Ain’t I a Man,” with it’s sharp Dylanisms and sharper bass clarinet (thanks to Lauren Trew), makes no bones about its biting social critique. Whereas much of the Foghorns’ rich catalog deals with hangovers, bad lays and good lust, these songs are honest-to-goodness social commentary about the state of values, fairness, manliness, and opportunity in our contemporary, high-gloss bubble. “Ain’t I a Man” is a protest song of the best kind – the kind that looks you in the eye and says “you’re a dick, and here’s why.” About the upwardly mobile urban denizens that swarm Seattle and other urban hotbeds, Cameron not only takes the obvious jab that “9 out of 10 can’t take a shit on their own / yeah they’re utterly helpless if they ain’t on their phones” but, more pointedly, remarks, “So I’m stuck in the city where the geeks are kings / They got all the morals of Louis the 14th,” which gets to the critical heart of the Big F."

-Jon Rooney, Ball of Wax

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