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When Anti-Folk and Folk Collide--The Foghorns perform at Northwest Folklife

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Among a range of exciting local folk musicians, the forty-first Northwest Folklife Festival will feature a band that defines itself as “anti-folk”, Knick Knack Records’ The Foghorns. The Foghorns began performing in Brooklyn in 2002, part of the movement that combined punk ethics with folk instrumentation. Somewhere along the line “anti-folk” became the name for the movement. The Foghorns have since moved on to Iceland and finally Seattle. The Foghorns will perform on the Indie Roots stage at 8:30 PM on May 27, and as part of the Harry Smith Tribute at the Northwest Court on May 28th.

After Northwest Folklife, the Foghorns will return to their regular home, Tractor Tavern, for a gig on June 5th. You can follow The Foghorns at

For an interesting article by Foghorns lyricist and singer Bart Cameron that discusses, in detail, his thoughts on Harry Smith, folk music, and his Iowa folk revival childhood, check this link:

The Foghorns’ last album, To the Stars on the Wings of a Pig (2011), received praise from Seattle Weekly, SSGMUSIC, and the Weekly Volcano, among others.

below is a fan video of the Foghorns performance of the song Lullaby at the Folklife Festival