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Knick Knack Records new release - GravelRoad 'Psychedelta'

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About GravelRoad

GravelRoad are the no bullshit saviors of Mississippi Delta Blues. Want Proof? When blues great T-Model
Ford was looking for a band, GravelRoad fit that bill. They play with guts, smiles, and slides and that beautiful
dragging left foot on the kick pumping the pulse of too many Delta legends to mention. While their roots are
deeply steeped in Delta mud, they also fearlessly explore new territory on their own. They call it Psychedelta,
some call it acid blues, a heavier more evocative exploration than classic blues; it’s blues gone Donnie Darko;
blues that tips it’s hat to the Flaming Lips, blues for the 21st century.

About Psychedelta

With 60,000 road miles under their belts as a result of nine tours in three years backing Delta Blues great
T-Model Ford, GravelRoad was itching to get back in the studio. For their third album they knew they had to
do something different. From the opening track Devil Eyes to the closing Let Me Hold You, Psychedelta seeps
into your ears with darker, grittier, deep blues. Aided and abetted by Detroit producer Jim Diamond (White
Stripes, The Dirtbombs, The Pack A.D.) to bring the most out of the band’s "tight looseness”, Stefan Zillioux
(guitar and vocals), Jon Kirby Newman (guitar, bass, vocals), and Martin Reinsel (drums) swim in a sea of blues
infused with heavier rock but not overpowered by it. The blues is always present; the riffs are always there.
There are moments when Jon Spencer Blues Explosion comes to mind, but Psychedelta is a tighter approach.
They aren’t attempting to blow up the blues, just explore it, push it where it can be pushed. Hard, if necessary.