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William S. Burroughs Nothing Here Now But The Recordings - vinyl LP



12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP - Dais Records

Released in 1981, selected recordings from the reel to reel tapes of William S. Burroughs Communications Archive in Kansas.  These are primarily notes on experiments with recording and playback techniques that were first initiated by Brion Gysin in Room number 25, 9 Rue Git le Coeur, Paris in 1959 as he applied his cut-up principle to different media.  William Burroughs was working closely with Brion and acquired his own tape recorder shortly afterwards.  When you cut up and rearrange words, new words emerge, the future leaks through, seemingly at random.  New words and altered meanings are implicit in cutting up but how random is random?


Side 1:

Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard

The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes

Summer Will

Outside The Pier Prowled Like Electric Turtles

The Total Taste Is Here - News cut-up

Choral Section - backwards

We See The Future Through The Binoculars Of The People

Just Checking Your Summer Recordings


Side 2:

Creepy Letter - cut-up at The Beat Hotel in Paris

Inching - Is This Machine Recording?

Handkerchief Masks - News cut-up

Word Falling - Photo Falling

Throat Microphone Experiment

It's About Time To Identify Oven Area

Last Words of Hassan Sabbah