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Lightinin' Hopkins First Meetin' Of The Blues Giants - vinyl LP



12 inch 33 rpm vinyl LP pressed on HQ virgin 180 gram vinyl - Doxy records

Lightnin' Hopkins - guitar; Brownie Mcgee - guitar; Sonny Terry - harmonica; Big Joe Williams - guitar

Side 1, 2, 3 recorded at World Pacific Studios in Holly wood, California on July 6, 1960.

Side 4 recorded live at The Ash Grove in Los Angeles, California on July 7, 1960


Side 1:

First Meetin'

If You Steal My Chickens You Can't Make 'Em Lay

Wimmin From Coast To Coast


Side 2:

Ain't Nothin' Like Whisky

Penitentiary Blues

Right On That Shore


Side 3:

Early Morning Blues

Blues For Gamblers

Bucked And Scorned


Side 4:

Excuse Me Miss

Big Black Cadillac Blues

Coffee House Blues

Stool Pigeon Blues

Ball of Twine

How Long Have It Been Since You've Been Home?