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Beck One Foot In The Grave - vinyl LP



12 inch 33 rpm LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl - expanded edition

Released in 1994,  One Foot in the Grave is the third independent studio album and fourth overall from Beck.  One Foot in the Grave was recorded prior to the release of his third album Mellow Gold, but was not released until after that album met with critical and commercial success.

The album features the production talents, songwriting talents, and occasional backing vocals of Calvin Johnson, founder of K Records. It was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, which was then housed in Calvin's basement.  K Records/ILIAD/Geffen Records

2009 re-issue 0602527057620


Side 1:
He's A Mighty Good Leader 
Sleeping Bag 
I Get Lonesome 
Burnt Orange Peel 
Cyanide Breath Mint 
See Water 
Ziplock Bag 
Hollow Log


Side 2:
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods 
I've Seen The Land Beyond 
Girl Dreams 
Painted Eyelids 
Atmospheric Conditions


Side 3:
Its All In Your Mind
Whiskey Can Can
Woe On Me
Teenage Wastebasket
Your Love Is Weird
Favorite Nerve


Side 4:
Piss On The Door
Close To God
Sweet Satan
Burning Boyfriend
Black Lake Morning
Feather In Your Cap
One Foot In The Grave
Teenage Wastebasket
I Get Lonesome