The Who Thirty Years of Maximum R&B - compact disc

The Who Thirty Years of Maximum R&B - compact disc

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4 CD box set - released in 1994, MCA Records - 79 classic recordings, many of them remixed and sounding better than ever before, including 14 previously unreleased tracks, 14 live performances, and other Who Rarities, commercials, stage and studio dialogue plus a rare glimpse into life with the Moons.  Book includes 72 pages of photographs, memorabilia, full liner notes, a Who diary, full discography and a foreword by Pete Townshend.



Pete Townshend Dialogue (Live At Long Beach Arena, 1971) (Prev Unreleased)
I’m The Face (As The High Numbers) (Remixed)
Here ‘Tis (As The High Numbers) (Prev Unreleased)
Zoot Suit (As The High Numbers) (Remixed)
Leaving Here (As The High Numbers) (Remixed)
I Can’t Explain
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Daddy Rolling Stone
My Generation
The Kids Are Alright
The Ox
A Legal Matter
Pete Townshend Dialogue (Live At Leeds Uni, 1970)
Substitute (Live At Leeds Uni, 1970) (Remixed)
I’m A Boy (Remixed)
Disguises (Remixed)
Happy Jack Jingle (Prev Unreleased)
Happy Jack (Remixed)
Boris The Spider (Remixed)
So Sad About Us (Remixed)
A Quick One (Live At The Rolling Stones Rock’N'Roll Circus)(Prev Unreleased)
Pictures Of Lily (Remixed)
Early Morning Cold Taxi (Prev Unreleased)
Coke 2 (Prev Unreleased)
(This Could Be) The Last Time (Remixed)
I Can’t Reach You (Remixed)
Girl’s Eyes (Prev Unreleased)
Bag O’ Nails (Prev Unreleased)
Call Me Lightning (Remixed)


Rotosound Strings
I Can See For Miles (Remixed)
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Remixed)
Armenia City In The Sky (Remixed)
Tattoo (Remixed)
Our Love Was (Remixed)
Rael 1 (Remixed)
Rael 2 (Prev Unreleased)
Track Records (Prev Unreleased)/Premier Drums
Sunrise (Remixed)
Russell Harty Dialogue (Prev Unreleased)
Jaguar (Prev Unreleased)
Melancholia (Prev Unreleased)
Fortune Teller (Prev Unreleased)
Magic Bus (Remixed)
Little Billy (Remixed)
Dogs (Remixed)
Overture (Remixed)
Acid Queen (Remixed)
Abbie Hoffman Incident (Live Woodstock Festival, 1969) (Prev Unreleased)
Underture (Live Woodstock Festival, 1969)
Pinball Wizard (Remixed)
I’m Free (Remixed)
See Me, Feel Me (Live At Leeds Uni, 1970) (Prev Unreleased)
Heaven And Hell (Remixed)
Pete Townshend Dialogue (Live At Leeds Uni, 1970) (Prev Unreleased)
Young Man Blues (Remixed)
Summertime Blues (Remixed)



Shakin’ All Over (Remixed)
Baba O’ Riley (Remixed)
Bargain (Live At San Fran Civic Auditorium, 1971)
Pure And Easy (Remixed)
The Song Is Over (Remixed)
Studio Dialogue (Prev Unreleased)
Behind Blue Eyes (Remixed)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (Remixed)
The Seeker (Remixed)
Bony Moronie (Live At The Young Vic, 1971)
Let’s See Action (Remixed)
Join Together (Remixed)
Relay (Remixed)
The Real Me (Prev Unreleased)
5.15 (Single Version) (Remixed)
Bell Boy (Remixed)
Love Reign O’er Me (Remixed)



Long Live Rock (Remixed)
Life With The Moons (Prev Unreleased)
Naked Eye (Live At The Young Vic, 1971) (Prev Unreleased)
University Challenge (Prev Unreleased)
Slip Kid (Remixed)
Poetry Cornered (Prev Unreleased)
Dreaming From The Waist (Live At Swansea Football Ground) (Prev Unreleased)
Blue, Red And Grey (Remixed)
Life With The Moons 2 (Prev Unreleased)
Squeeze Box (Remixed)
My Wife (Live At Swansea Football Ground) (Prev Unreleased)
Who Are You (Single Version) (Remixed)
Music Must Change (Remixed)
Sister Disco (Remixed)
Guitar And Pen (Remixed)
You Better You Bet (Remixed)
Eminence Front (Remixed)
Twist And Shout (Live At Shea Stadium) (Prev Unreleased)
I’m A Man (Live At Radio City Music Hall)
Pete Townshend Dialogue (Live At The Filmore West) (Prev Unreleased)
Saturday Night’s Alright


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