Knick Knack Picks week of June 22-28

Introducing Knick Knack Picks...your ear to the underground.  

Are you visiting Seattle and want to know where and when to see the best live music and bands?   Which bands are the real deal and which ones are all hype?  Do you live in Seattle and want to support local independent bands and music?  We've got the exact details on which bands to see, when and where without all the snarky commentary.

Friday June 26 at The High Dive
513 N 36th St, Seattle, WA
Marmot vs. Mammoth Vinyl Record Release Show!  also performing: Swords for Arrows, No Good Hearts, and Stefan Paul George
Marmot vs. Mammoth (MvsM) is a band that wears its influences proudly, though those influences are broad and expertly melded,  and you may not initially recognize them. Imagine the rosters of stalwart 90s labels Touch & Go, Dischord, and Swami. Toss in some post-metal and hardcore, followed by AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Oh, and The Meters, too. What results is a post-punk Fugazi/Shellac-like precision mixed with more expansive metal-style arrangements, topped with angry early punk vocals that rage against The Man and societal ills.

This melding is not forced. It is the product of many years spent playing together in many bands, and shared musical passions. Chris Pierson (bass) and Jon Kilian (drums) have known each other for 30 years, since they met in 2nd Grade in Akron, Ohio. Aaron Semer (guitar) has known them for almost 20, since their freshman
dorm at Ohio University. Throughout this time, various musical projects have come and gone in both Ohio and Seattle, in various formations, with various other people. But it kept coming back to the core of Pierson, Kilian, and Semer, three men who grew up together and vastly expanded and influenced one-another's musical
tastes and playing. It is only natural they eventually formed MvsM.


Friday June 26 at The Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle, WA
From epic road songs to tear-stained tales of heartache, Texas-style rockers to dark-humored murder ballads, the songwriting of frontman Fredd Luongo covers a lot of musical and emotional territory. Reminiscent of their alt-country forefathers Whiskeytown, Dwight Yoakam, and early Steve Earle, The Swearengens have held their own sharing the stage with contemporary alt-country stalwarts Sturgill Simpson, Lydia Loveless, Whitey Morgan and more, winning over appreciative new fans in the process. Whether headlining a Friday night at Seattle's legendary Tractor Tavern, kicking off the final day of the Watershed Country Music Festival at the Gorge, or rocking all-night at your favorite roadside honky-tonk dive bar, The Swearengens and their loyal following of hard-drinking, outlaw swingin' two-steppers are sure to get the dancefloor rolling and the whiskey flowing.

“A great record…we listened to this probably 8 billion times on tour, it really just sounds like walking into a bar at the beginning of the night and closing it at the end of the night. For me, it encompasses the loneliness of touring and that’s why I love it so much. I think it’s beautiful.” - Lydia Loveless, Bloodshot Records artist

"A lot of honky-tonkin' twang and whiskey-swilling grit…keeps Seattle's alt-country scene alive and drinking heavily." - Seattle Weekly

"Saloon-stomping, quintessential alt-country, with all the cognitive dissonance of an upbeat dance tune set to paeans of alcoholism, prescription drugs, domestic homicide and the devil." - City Arts Magazine



Saturday June 27 at Substation
645 NW 45th St, Seattle WA
Knick Knack Records artists Crazy Eyes are performing their first club show since returning from a US tour.  Also performing are The Human Circuit (ATX) and Origami Ghosts.