Help fund the 4th annual Summit Block Party!

The Summit Block Party in Seattle is an annual event which brings the community together; showcases local artists, musicians, and craft-makers; and promotes the acceptance of all races, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic classes. Summit Block Party is a free, non-for-profit, volunteer-run event, and is fueled by community support. They hope to raise enough money to fund throwing a fourth annual block party on Saturday August 22nd on Belmont Ave between Olive and Howell Street, in front of the Redwood Tavern. Redwood will have drinks sold with proceeds that will benefit The Vera Project!

The goal is to raise $1500

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If you can't donate money, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer!
There are many tasks that need taking care of - we need people to design posters, fliers, and more, people to be on the block early in the morning to help set up, stage managers, security, a clean up crew, etc. If you're interested in helping out, email
Can't volunteer? Help spread the word!